This year Lithuanian Air Force marks its 100th anniversary. Everything started in the beginning of the independence struggle, 1919 January 30 after the formation of the Lithuanian Armed Forces engineering platoon. There were established an Aviation squad and later expanded to the platoon. 1919 March 12 Military Aviation School was established. There were 34 pilots and airspace scouts who became the first prepared aviation specialists in Lithuania. In Kaunas there were Aviation workshops, where military aircraft of foreign constructions were repaired and built such as  ltn. Jurgis Dobkevičius DOBI  and brg. gen. Antanas Gustaitis ANBO series aircrafts. Military aviation pilots also got involved in partisan activities.

Currently Lithuanian Air Forces are formed from professional and mandatory military service and civil servants who actively participate in international trainings, exercises and other military cooperation projects and events, as well as in public life.